• Jasa Pasang Baja Ringan Per Meter Terbaru 2021

Services Description Light steel installation service 2021

This time, we will tell you the price of a lightweight steel roof frame installation service per meter. 2021, whether it's the price of the installation staff's salary or the bulk along with the material at a friendly price.

For those of you who live in the MEDAN and surrounding areas. Can contact even if it's just a consultation and planning to use our light steel pick-up service

SMP have more than 12 years of experience in providing professional light steel installation services with a variety of services for placing lightweight steel roof frames such as house roofs, light steel canopies, outdoor carports/garages, terraces, offices, or commercial housing and warehouses. - Industrial warehouse.

In addition to providing light steel and roof truss placement services, we also provide various types of roof placement such as; Spandek, Metal Gringan, Alderon Roof, Concrete Gringan, sand metal, and various other types of Gringan roof.

Why choose us:

- Expert Workforce more than 12 Years

- Fast, Accurate and Neat Placement

- Materials use SNI standard quality and High Quality

- More open in the use of materials and service prices

- 10 YEARS Legal and Company Warranty Certificate

- More cooperative and communicative until satisfaction is our focus

The materials we use in our light steel installation services are; Taso Brand, Perfect Truss Truss, Kencana and Strong mild steel. We serve the placement of 1 package with a spandek roof or Galvalume Zincalume, metal gring or soil / concrete grating.

Here are the options for light steel installation service horses per meter. from us Professional applications that we have done on a variety of retail ratio building constructions or large projects.

Here we provide the price of the 2021 Light Steel Roof Installation Service, the price in this table is the price for the installation of a lightweight steel roof frame for the Medan area and its surroundings for further information regarding the price of our service consumers.

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