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Block Bearing is a bearing consisting of a mounting bracket or bearing block (base) which is used to support the operation of the shaft. Its function is to accommodate the bearing under low load. It consists of two main components: a static bearing part and an internal part which has a rotating ring and can hold the object in any position.

Many people think of pillow block bearings and plumber's block bearings as the same thing. However, they are very different in design and use. These bearings are usually bolted to the foundation and installed in perfect fixation. The shaft and inner ring can be rotated freely. Installation is also very easy and does not require special skills. Users can use it immediately as needed just by installing it on a solid foundation.

It is used not only in some household appliances, but also in heavy industrial machinery. Heavy machinery in mining and manufacturing, for example. Another advantage is that it is easy to maintain and replace. The raw materials used are standard 52100 cast iron or chromium steel cast iron.

As one of the leading distributors in Indonesia, PT. Sinartech Multi Perkasa offers block bearings of various types and sizes that can be adjusted as needed. The products we offer are of the highest quality and have been tested to international standards, especially in terms of raw materials. That's why it's strong, durable and easy to use for a variety of heavy industrial purposes.

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